Y'all know how when you get together with your family and friends and start day dreaming about the what if's, what now's, and let's do's, and you get all carried away and every day a new idea is born and grown upon and you keep talking about it and even start collecting and creating in your free time and one day you find a 1976 Argosy Airstream for super sale from its original owner and he's only just some miles down the road? 

Kelsey does too. That's kinda how it all got started. With a dream and a little extra time to spend building something.

Six years of tinkering and playing around with an idea and then one day construction was done. Megan can get a little overly excited about life (we call it passionate), so together they decided it was time to roll and opened for business on December 26, 2016. Happy rebirth, trailer! 

Be careful what you spend your time doing y'all, you just might end up selling hot dogs one day. 

Heck yeah. 



Because dreaming and creating and doing and changing with growth and staying connected is important to us. 

Because small, local, ethical farms and business practices are worth supporting.

Because we have a lot of fun and it's always best when shared with those around us. 

Because our community believes in us.

Because we keep finding all of these amazing events to be a part of and we continue to learn something new daily.

Because Kelsey was tired of crawlspaces and Megan wanted to meet all y'all and share some laughs. 

Because we wanted to take charge of our happiness. 

Because y'all told us we could. 



You can find us looking for y'all because we keep finding all the fun there.

Merry Franksters loves the Carrboro Bazaars, Music festivals and Jawsfest; Franksters adore Midway Community Kitchen, Bynum Bridge and Clydefest and all the dope triangle breweries. The Raleigh Wine Shop, Bouncy houses, haunted houses (but no haunted-bouncy houses. Yet. Call us?), art walks and various causes for all our favorite friends with paws... OH and in August we'll be dancing with the BigWHAT?! fam.

Franksters roll through for all sorts of house parties, gatherings, celebrations and showers. Getting married? Having a baby? Finally finished transferring all your stuff to your new house? Trust in us that it doesn't matter that it's been eight months, it's time to celebrate. Graduation, summer solstice, first day of fall...

Y'all, just give us a call. 


EVERY TUESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY STARTING AT 6PM at 502 W Franklin Street in Chapel Hill. 

Instagram is an excellent way to keep up with those happenings in real time. You know, because it's instant. grams.

newsies is an excellent film

Let's get together!

Catch us around town..

We're a little all over the place; forever chasing the fun and often getting lost in it. Be sure to check our Instagram for a daily reminder of where we'll be so we can meat up y'all! 

Need to chat ASAP? Smash the link below and send us an email! We'd love to hear from you.

Merry Franksters

Carrboro, North Carolina, United States



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